School might be almost out for Summer, but don’t let your education suffer! 

We have compiled a Tasting Timetable and a faculty of gin experts to guide you on your juniper journey at this year’s Belfast Gin Fest. 

Each of our intensive classes will enhance your botanical aptitude and test your tastebuds - will you become a gin graduate of Class of 2019?

Simply select the subjects below that correspond with your ticket sessions and you’ll be directed to buy your tickets.



Gin or Gym? 

No need to make that choice… train your tastebuds like you train your triceps!

We’ll enjoy a 20 minute guided meditation and mindfulness class based on the key ingredient that makes gin, gin… juniper!  Focus your thoughts, set your aspirations and join the joyful juniper awakening. 

We’ll use each of our senses to explore the juniper berry in all of its glory, leading to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the unique flavour of our beloved gin. Once you identify the juniper, the other botanicals suddenly begin to sing!  

The perfect start to your session to help you hone your tastebuds for the gin filled fun that lies ahead.

Includes one measure of gin.

£3.50 + booking fee


Pick up your knapsack, we’re off on a botanical journey. 

Join Mrs McQuillan, Master Forager and Botanist, and Mr McDevitt, renowned Baldy Bartender, as they guide us through the fantastic flora and fauna to be found in our very own play ground and how to use them with gin!

If you’re bored of the usual lemon and lime garnish, this is the class for you! We will delve into the forests and gardens of Northern Ireland to uncover the wealth of nature’s bounty and showcase the array of glorious garnishes that can be gathered from a quick rummage in your bush (for the want of a better phrase). 

Includes three gin tastings and three small cocktails.

£7.50 + booking fee



Get Extra Credit with Fever-Tree.

Join the Fever-Tree flavourists, who will immerse you in an interactive tonic pairing masterclass, showcasing the tasting notes in Fever-Tree’s premium tonics and how they complement several styles of Northern Irish gin.

Prepare your taste buds for pure delight, as you are brought through the history of Fever-Tree, gin distillation, and most importantly the perfect Fever-Tree and gin pairings to deliciously please your palate.

Includes at least 3 measures of 3 local gins.

£7.50 + booking fee



A Martini Masterclass by Boatyard Gin.

Shaken or stirred, wet or dry…bone dry? Dirty!? It’s a Martini minefield out there! 

Fear not, we’ve called in the ‘Monet’ of Martinis, Ciarán Shannon from Boatyard Distillery for a Martini Masterclass. Clear your canvas and prepare your palate for a lesson that will shake-up cocktail hour.

Before the bell rings you’ll be a maestro of the fine art of Martini-making.

Includes 1 x Boatyard Gin Martini.

£4.00 + booking fee



Join us to sip the seasons with local distiller and Head of Department, Gary Dunlop, of Glendalough Distillery. 

Did you know there was a gin for mid-term, Easter break, summer vacation or winter recess? 

Mr Dunlop will transport us through the whole academic year using the seasonal gins from Glendalough Distillery. Taste the green shoots of Spring or the wild fruits of Autumn all from the comfort of your class room. 

Includes five measures of gin. 

£8.50 + booking fee

Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 13.23.21.png


Gin and Cheese! Two of life’s greatest pleasures…but surely not at the same time?

Come with us on a gin & cheese journey of discovery where we’ll show you how you can combine the bold flavours of juniper and citrus with the savoury more-ishness of Irish cheese.

You’ll enjoy a tutored tasting of three, stunning Irish Gins and matching Irish cheeses, delving into the distinct flavour profiles of each with our resident gin Mistress and Mike Thompson of Mike’s Fancy Cheese.   

The fun doesn’t stop there though, we’ll then pair each cheese with a carefully crafted gin cocktail to further explore the flavours and treat your tastebuds to gin and cheese heaven.. who knew?!  We did! 

Includes 3 cheese and gin tastings and 3 small cocktails.

£12.50 + booking fee